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Animal Cruelty
Welcome to A-R-I2
Informing you on animal cruelty since February 2008.
A-R-I2 is the second version of Animals-Rule-International, since the old
site was hacked this is the only A-R-I available! You can sign the guest-
book, learn about animal cruelty, and hear the history of the site. The
owner of the site is Maddi C., and the co-owner is Bre from exoticgraphix-. Thanks for visiting!
APRIL UPDATE: Unfortunately HF486, the Puppy Mill Bill, did not pass. But
we won't stop doing our best to help those poor dogs! Thank you all for you
support. God Bless You.
For any further questions or comments, email Maddi at animalsruleint@hotmail.com
Layout: Beauty Is... by Maddi @ A-R-I2
Puppy Mills
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Protecting Animals. Conserving Nature. That's A-R-I.